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Our Veterinarians

  • Dr. Philip McHugh - Park Veterinary Hospital
    Dr. Philip McHugh

    As a young boy, I was able to convince my parents that by using my paper route earnings ...

  • Dr. Nan Henderson - Park Veterinary Hospital
    Dr. Nan Henderson

    For as far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a veterinarian, and I am very thankful

  • Dr. Beth Carroll - Park Veterinary Hospital
    Dr. Beth Carroll

    I went to vet school because of a love of animals and to work with them on a daily basis ...

  • Dr. Joan Hunt - Park Veterinary Hospital
    Dr. Joan Hunt

    Throughout my childhood and college years, I wanted to be a teacher, an ecologist, and a zookeeper ...

  • Dr. Lauren Whitley - Park Veterinary Hospital
    Dr. Lauren Whitley

    There are few careers where your work day can be brightened by the kiss from a puppy or the purr of a kitty. Providing a...

  • Dr. Alexa Gonzalez
    Dr. Alexa Gonzalez

    Veterinarian For as long as I can remember, I have had a special connection with animals. As a young girl I was determin...

  • Nannette Goodwin
    Dr. Nannette Goodwin

    Veterinarian My aspiration to be a veterinarian who provides top-notch care for both pets and their parents is more than...

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