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Veterinary Endoscopy

Park Vet Hospital & Urgent Care is pleased to have added endoscopy to our facility’s diagnostic capabilities.

Endoscopy is one of the advances in veterinary medical technology that offers a non-surgical option for many ailments that are difficult to diagnose.

Pets with chronic vomiting, regurgitation, or chronic diarrhea and whose physical examination, blood work, or other diagnostic testing could not reveal the source of the illness used to be faced with exploratory surgery or vets would have to treat their symptoms without knowing for sure that what they were doing would help. Since Park Vet Hospital & Urgent Care added endoscopy, we have been able to diagnose these pets without surgery and with a faster and more certain recovery rate.

Endoscopy involves using a flexible fiber optic instrument to examine the upper or lower gastrointestinal tract. Pets that undergo endoscopy are sedated and will feel no discomfort from the procedure. The tip of the endoscope typically includes a specialized video camera for examining the area being studied, and endoscope can also include a tube for allowing tools to be used and fluids or samples to be taken from the affected area.

At Park Vet Hospital & Urgent Care, we have used the endoscope to quickly treat patients who have ingested foreign bodies and we frequently are able to diagnose diseases of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract.

If you believe your pet could benefit from our endoscopic technology, please contact us to make an appointment and meet with one of Park Vet Hospital & Urgent Care ’s veterinarians.

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